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Boost your home’s luxurious exterior design while basking in the serene sounds of gently running water.

Water Wall

There’s something about a gentle stream of water that relaxes the mind and body and transforms an otherwise “normal” space into a peaceful, spa-like environment. Give yourself and your family the gift of tranquility with a beautiful water wall designed by ClifRock! Our custom water walls reflect the high-end luxury of natural stone and can be built in absolutely any size, shape, and design you desire.

Endless Uses for a Custom Water Wall

At ClifRock, we specialize in custom-built, artistically designed water features that truly elevate backyard living spaces. Depending on your individual preferences, our premium water walls can be tailored to fulfill any number of practical and aesthetic purposes:

  • Privacy: A large, thoughtfully placed water wall can create a cozy, private oasis in an otherwise open backyard.
  • Beauty: Even a very simple water wall design can transform your backyard into a modern space worthy of your favorite home magazine.
  • Peace: Bask in the sounds of lightly trickling water while you enjoy your morning coffee or evening glass of wine.
  • Entertainment: Add a water wall to your pool for hours of fun! Install it next to a log slide, diving boulder, or hidden cave for even more excitement.

Top-Tier Water Walls, from Design to Performance

No matter the size, placement, or function of your water wall design, you can expect some of the industry’s highest-performing products from ClifRock. In fact, we’ve engineered our own stone-inspired material that is certain to wow! Crafted from a polymeric fiber-reinforced concrete, our Panel Masonry™ technology is:

  • Built on detailed impressions of real stone, crafted by a 20-year masonry expert.
  • Installable in a matter of 1-3 days.
  • Six times stronger than concrete at just one-tenth the weight of natural stone.
  • Light enough to build or retrofit almost anywhere.
  • Built to withstand freezing temperatures, extreme heat, impacts, rot, and abrasion.

Explore Water Features

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